State Board of Auctioneer Examiners
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Mission Statement:
The State Board of Auctioneer Examiners regulates the practice and licensure of auctioneers, apprentice auctioneers, auction houses and auction companies within the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania to protect the public from misrepresentation,  incompetency, bad faith and dishonesty.  It is  the Board’s duty to issue, control auctioneer licenses, apprentice auctioneer licenses, auction house licenses and auction company licenses for individuals,  partnerships, associations and corporations who qualify for such.  In addition, the Board oversees the preparation and administration of the examination  to attain an auctioneer license. 

Citation:  Auctioneer Licensing and Trading Assistant Registration Act, 63 P.S. §§734.1 et seq. 

Regulations of the State Board of Auctioneer Examiners, 49 PA. CODE §§1.1 - 1.31.

State Board of Auctioneer Examiners
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