New Pennsylvania Notary Public Law Announcement

Revised Notary Public Law (Act 151 of 2002, effective on July 1, 2003)

Uniform Acknowledgement Act

On December 16, 2014, the Department of State issued Draft Rules as part of the Department’s implementation of Act 73 of 2013 (Revised Uniform Law on Notarial Acts or RULONA).  Pursuant to Executive Order 1996-1, the Department seeks comments and suggestions on the Draft Regulations. Please send your written comments to Martha H. Brown, Department of State, Office of Chief Counsel, 401 North Street, Room 301, Harrisburg, PA 17120 or email to no later than January 30, 2015.  Please cite to “RULONA draft regulations” when you send comments.

Draft Regulations to Implement RULONA

Modified Date: 10/11/2013 02:38 PM