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Ebola Scam Alert!


With each disaster that occurs, whether it be the Boston bombing, Hurricane Sandy or the H1N1 flu, there are always scam artists that will attempt to profit from someone else's misfortune.  The current Ebola virus outbreak is no exception.  Already scam artists are at work soliciting the public with fraudulent products that can cure or prevent Ebola.

Already there are fundraising solicitations for Ebola causes.  These may come to the consumer by phone, mail or text.  Many times, scam artists use names that are similar to those of respectable charities.  Last month, three warning letters were sent by the FDA to companies  for the improper marketing of products as Ebola cures. As a consumer, you should know that any solicitations received concerning Ebola are likely a scam.  If you receive a solicitation, please feel free to call us at the3 Bureau of Corporations and Charitable Organizations at 717.783.1720 or 1.800.659.9962.  We will verify if the soliciting organization is legitimate.
































































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