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Bureau of Corporations and Charitable Organizations: Corporations Section 
     The bureau maintains the records repository of more than 2.6 million companies that do business in the Commonwealth and serves as the centralized filing office for Uniform Commercial Code financing statements. In order to register a business, you will need to file with the Bureau.
     The bureau also administers the state's charitable solicitation law. It also maintains registration and financial information on over 11,000 charities soliciting in the Commonwealth, as well as more than 400 professional solicitors and fundraising counsels.
     Once you decide to establish a business, your first consideration will be the type of business organization to use.  As an entrepreneur you must examine all of the characteristics and consult a knowledgeable legal professional when considering the formation of your business. 
     Annual Registrations are required to be filed with the Bureau by April 15th of every year for restricted professional Limited Liability Companies and Limited Liability Partnerships. Failure to file the Annual Registration will result in additional fees, penalties and interest up to and including termination of status as a Limited Liability Partnership.

On Friday, October 3, 2014, the Corporations website will be down from 5:00 pm to 9:00 pm while we test our new online document filing system.  Although we anticipate the testing will go smoothly, there may be brief periods over the weekend when the site is NOT accessible.


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Until further notice, for best search results for filings indexed under a specific business or individual name, please use the "Non-Standard RA9" tab, mark the "Starting With" option and change "Lapse Status" to read "All."


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